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Nosipho Mbava, Senior Mentor Mother (Supervisor):

As a supervisor, how do you support the Mentor Mothers?

I help mentor mothers with social related issues such grant applications, birth certificates and identity documents. I support Mentor Mothers with difficult social cases, assist with follow ups on referrals and provide psychosocial support to them as well.

What is the biggest difference between being a Mentor Mother and being a Supervisor?

The is no huge difference between myself and a Mentor Mother, both of us do fieldwork and experience the same challenges but as a supervisor it is my responsibility to ensure that the Mentor Mother is getting the support she needs to carry out her day to day activities. The work of the Mentor Mother is determined by the support I provide to her daily and I am accountable for her work.

What makes you happy about your job?

When a Mentor Mother improves on her work, reaching her targets and when I see people getting their birth registration and some their getting IDs.

If you could ask for one thing that would assist you in your job during the COVID pandemic, what would it be?

Enough PPE in the health facilities to prevent the closure of these facilities, food parcels for people who have lost income during COVID19 and not benefiting from any government relief funds.

What is the biggest impact COVID has had in your community thus far?

Increase of deaths of elderly people, loss of jobs/ income generating business and disruptions on schools. Shortage of PPE in local facilities which results in closure and poor service deliveries on health services to the community.

How has Covid-19 made your job harder?

It has made my job harder because we had to change our daily working routine to be in line with the new COVID-19 regulations and policies put in place e.g. providing telephonic support and follow up to clients to prevent the exposure to COVID-19. Clinics are striking every now and then due to lack of PPE and increasing numbers of infected staff that will be result to the closing of the facility, also some of the social cases are on hold.

How many mothers and children do you look after in a year?

Estimated number is 800 mothers and 800 children in a year.