It starts with one child…

Around the world, children are living with trauma and disease. The impact on their life chances can be devastating. The individual child is where we start.

We train and empower people who can best fill the critical gaps in care for those children – mothers, peers who have experienced the same challenges, and community health workers.

We rigorously monitor results so the model can scale up and be integrated into government.

From that first child, our projects have transformed the lives of 122,000 children and been a catalyst for change for a further 1,260,000 people.

Support Children - It starts with one child

Our Causes

Babies - Enable

Mothers & Babies

Between 15% and 45% of HIV-positive women who are not accessing treatment will pass the virus on to their babies. We have cut the transmission rate to babies to close to zero. How?

Children - Bright Start


Early childhood is a critical stage of development that forms the foundation for children’s future learning, relationships and wellbeing. 90% of children’s critical brain development happens by the age of 5 years. Find out how we are supporting children to reach their full potential.

Adolescents - Better Together


The teenage years are ones of change and challenge. This is even more true for adolescents living with chronic illness. Learn more about how we have partnered with Groote Schuur Hospital to offer peer-led adolescent support groups that help teens cope with their illnesses on a physical, psychological and social level.


We ensure babies are born free from HIV and bring vital healthcare directly into the homes of vulnerable families.

We help young people to overcome stigma and loneliness. Our projects support children from pre-natal care to adolescence.

We harness the lived experience of families and bring this to our programme design; ensuring children and mothers lives are changed.

Mentor Mothers

Creating an AIDS-Free Generation

Our Mentor Mothers walk every day, house-to-house to provide healthcare to some of the most at-risk mothers and children in the Eastern Cape.

We wanted to share with them the difference they are making to the community they are supporting.


“They have encouraged us to keep it at our minds that we can actually raise our child on our own and make them be future leaders.”

“I have learnt that education starts at home rather than looking at it from a distance. A child should also learn at home so that they become used to the process of learning. Therefore, we should take responsibility as parents so that we don’t give the teachers all the responsibility. These are our children at the end of the day.”

“Bright Start has assisted me in being a real parent. I have also learnt that everything starts at home before it spreads outside.”

[My Mentor Mother] made a huge difference in my life. Thanks to her, I gave birth to an HIV-negative baby. I'm glad that she never got fed up of me, and I appreciate having her in my life because I am alive.

Lorraine Franklin

I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for [my Mentor Mother].

Brett Lewis

The programme has opened my mind. As a parent, we don't always have the time to play with our kids. Before when my child would come and ask me to play, I would chase him away because I was busy. But now I understand that it's important to take the time to play with him. Before, when he came home from creche, he would go outside and get up to no good. Now, as soon as he comes home, he drops his bag and asks me to get down the toy bag - he knows where I put it. He takes out the toys and starts to play with them, and calls his friends in to show them.

Dianna Young