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Partnering for good, join us in helping One to One Africa achieve powerful results. From reducing mother-to-child HIV transmission from 30% to 0.03% to ensuring 99.6% of vulnerable children are actively linked to social grants in last-mile communities – One to One Africa with their passion and our expertise are reimagining a better world for the most vulnerable in Africa.

Established in 2014, One to One Africa is a South African NGO that provides critical life-saving services to last-mile communities in the most rural part of South Africa. By implementing pioneering evidence-based interventions that leverage local knowledge and lived experience, we can fill core gaps in healthcare and psychosocial services and save the lives of children and young people. Learn more about our work.


Your DONATION in either USD or ZAR will ensure that One to One Africa can maximise their impact, and continue to find innovative ways to tackle some of Africa’s most pressing social and environmental problems.

UBS and Philanthropy

An ever-growing number of UBS clients and employees see the UBS Optimus Foundation Network, as their philanthropic partner of choice. To learn more about UBS and their Philanthropy services, please visit their site.

Cape Town Cycle Tour 2024

To learn more about the Cape Town Cycle Tour, please visit their website.

**One to One Africa is a registered South African non-profit organisation and can issue a donation receipt for your tax deduction at the end of the tax year.