Donate Monthly to Babies, Children & Adolscents

Monthly Donation

Setting up a monthly donation will give you the peace of mind to know that you are contributing to our work in an ongoing way. We will be able to achieve more with your funds because planning and resource allocation are a lot easier when we know in advance what will be available. These gifts are the backbone of our work, so a heartfelt thank you for considering a regular donation to us!


    * Please select the amount you would like to contribute each month
    * Please select which cause/s you would like to contribute to each month


    One To One Africa is hereby authorised to draw or at such other periods as agreed to, in terms of the Debit Order System by way of debits against the bank account as specified below in payment of any and/or all amounts due by the undersigned (and/or the contributor/s set out above) from time to time in terms of any pledge/s made verbally or in writing.